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This article describes the CHESTER-X1 extension module.

Module Overview

CHESTER-X1 provides 8 independent 1-Wire channels allowing to connect digital sensors ( e.g. Dallas DS18B20) or any other 1-Wire peripheries. The module implements Maxim DS2482S-800+ interface and also 5V boost converter to support 5V 1-Wire peripheries.

CHESTER Pin Configuration Diagram

Pin Configuration and Functions

PositionSignal NameSignal Description
1CH1Channel 1
2CH2Channel 2
3CH3Channel 3
4CH4Channel 4
5CH5Channel 5
6CH6Channel 6
7CH7Channel 7
8CH8Channel 8

1-Wire Parasitic Power Connection

CHESTER-X1 supports connection using parasitic powering method. In that case only 2 wires are necessary. In the parasitic mode 5.0V power supply is used. Standard 3 wire connection powering from VDD supports only 3.0V peripheries. This figure shows parasitic and standard powering method:

Module Drawing