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TOWER Introduction

TOWER is a modular, wireless, open-source/open-hardware IoT platform for rapid prototyping and deployment. It is used in industrial applications, STEM education, and hobby projects (home automation, gardening, lighting, escape rooms, etc.).

  1. To start with the TOWER platform from scratch, see the chapter:
    Getting Started

  2. For a quick start with TOWER and your first project, go to the chapter:
    Desktop Programming

  3. To deploy your project on Raspberry Pi in the headless mode, go to the chapter:
    Server on Raspberry Pi

  4. For details on command line control of the TOWER components, see the chapter:
    Command Line Tools

  5. If you want to dive into embedded system programming, explore the chapter:
    Firmware Development

  6. For a custom firmware creation from the ground up, look into the chapter:
    Firmware SDK

  7. For details on supported radio protocols in TOWER, see the chapter:
    Radio Communication

  8. To explore the backbone of the TOWER system on the server, see the chapter:
    MQTT Protocol

  9. If you need to visualize your data and/or connect your project remotely, go to the chapter:
    Platform Integrations

  10. To get recipes for building real and meaningful projects, visit the chapter:
    Step-by-Step Projects

  11. For detailed information about the TOWER modules and tags, see the chapter:
    Hardware Modules

  12. To understand hardware layers (not only between the TOWER modules), go to the chapter:
    Hardware Interfaces