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Server on Raspberry Pi

If you want to start using TOWER in your home or small business applications you will need to run something more permanent than HARDWARIO Playground.

This means that you will want to run the server that can run most of the time and collect all the data from the connected devices and just present you the results. It can also send some automatic commands to the devices so you will have some basic level of automation, for example turning the lights on when you get a low light level from your connected HARDWARIO TOWER device.

For a server, there are several possible devices that you can run it on. For a start, we recommend Raspberry Pi, because it is quite an affordable and good quality product.

If you already have a Raspberry Pi and you want to keep your settings, you can still get the HARDWARIO TOWER server running, just follow the Clean Installation chapter

If you just got your first Raspberry Pi or you have a clean one laying around, you can follow the Pre-Installed Image chapter to download and install our prepared image.