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Firmware Development

This section focuses on how to start developing your firmware for HARDWARIO TOWER devices.

You might want to do this if you need some specific features from our already existing projects or if you just want to build your project.


This section is about tools for firmware development. If you already have or know those and you just want to see some examples of how to write the firmware, you should visit the Firmware SDK section.

We offer two ways how to write and manage your firmware:

  • HARDWARIO Code - stand-alone version of Visual Studio Code, specifically made for HARDWARIO TOWER firmware development
  • HARDWARIO TOWER Extension - extension for Visual Studio Code made for HARDWARIO TOWER firmware development
  • CLI Tools - set of tools available for development on headless machines or if you just prefer the use of CLI

If you are not interested in developing firmware, you can check out the section on Desktop Programming that talks about our other tool HARDWARIO Playground.