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Radio Communication

HARDWARIO TOWER provides two main radio communication methods

Sub-GHz Radio

First is using our integrated SPIRIT1 radio transceiver, which can provide solid coverage of about 500 meters line-of-sight and should be enough for a three-story building with a garden around it.

Every Core Module has this radio on it, so if you bought it, you will just need the Radio Dongle and you can start your network


To read more about our radio, you can visit Sub-GHz Radio chapter.

LoRa WAN Radio

This solution requires LoRa Module and a LoRa network available.

LoRa network provides a Low-Power solution for a wide area network. This means you can send messages over a long distance without draining your batteries.


To read more about the LoRa Network you can visit LoRaWAN Radio chapter.