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HARDWARIO CHESTER is a highly configurable IoT LPWAN gateway. Its primary function is to connect as many devices and environments as possible to the Internet, especially from places where there is no standard connection to the power grid and the Internet.

This documentation helps users and gateway integrators to navigate these essential areas:

  • How to configure and manage the platform - see the article:
    Platform Management

  • What ready-made firmware applications are available (with devices in stock) - see the article:
    Catalog Applications

  • Which sensors and environments can be connected to the platform and how - see the article:
    Extension Modules

  • What are the main parts and parameters of the CHESTER platform - see the article:
    Hardware Description

  • What are the platform's powering options - see the article:
    Power Management

  • For the options to upload device firmware - see the article:
    Firmware Flashing

  • How to create or modify firmware application - see the article:
    Firmware SDK

  • On tool ecosystem for platform developers - see the article:
    Developer Tools

  • How the platform handles data security - see the article:
    Platform Security

  • For a complete reference on the product ordering codes - see the article:
    Ordering Codes

  • To see the complete reference of the product certification - see the article:
    Product Certification