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This article describes the CHESTER-X0 extension module. Two variant of the CHESTER-X0 module are available: CHESTER-X0A (including 5.0V boost converter) and CHESTER-X0B (without 5.0V boost converter).

Module Drawing

Module Overview

CHESTER-X0B provides 4 independent GPIO channels, CHESTER-X0A includes also 5V boost converter. Each channel can be used for these applications:

  • Digital input and output
  • Analog input and output
  • Voltage input 0-10 V
  • Current loop 4-20 mA
  • Dry contact input
  • NPN and PNP input

Depending on the application these configuration options are available for each channel:

  • Enable pull-up resistor 330 kΩ (PUX)
  • Enable pull-down resistor 249 Ω (CLX)
  • Enable voltage divider 1:10 100 kΩ x 10 kΩ (PDX)
  • Enable 5V boost converter (CHESTER-X0A only) (ONX)

Channel Block Diagram

This picture show the electric circuit of each channel:

Configuration Table

The configuration depends on the applicatioon:

Analog input 0-10V
Analog output 0-VDD
Digital input?
Digital output
Current loop 4-20 mA
Dry contact
NPN input
PNP input

CHESTER Pin Configuration Diagram

Pin Configuration and Functions

PositionSignal NameSignal Description
1VDDSystem VDD rail 3.0 V
2CH1Channel 1
3GNDSystem ground signal
4CH2Channel 2
5CH3Channel 3
6GNDSystem ground signal
7CH4Channel 4
8+VSystem positive rail (*)

*Note: The system positive rail voltage depends on CHESTER power supply option.