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This article describes the CHESTER-X3A, CHESTER-X3B and CHESTER-X3C extension modules.

CHESTER-X3A Module Overview

CHESTER-X3A provides 2 inputs for RTD (resistive temperature devices) sensors, such as Pt 100 and Pt 1000. Each input supports 4 wire sensor connection to improve the accuracy.

CHESTER-X3B Module Overview

CHESTER-X3B allow to connect 2 thermocouples (type B/C/E/J/K/N/R/S/T) using 4 wire sensor connection.

CHESTER-X3C Module Overview

CHESTER-X3C provides 2 inputs for load-cell (strain gauge) that can be used for weight measurements. Each channel use 4 wire connection.

CHESTER Pin Configuration Diagram

Pin Configuration and Functions

PositionSignal NameSignal Description
1CH1PChannel 1: sensor positive supply
2CH1AChannel 1: sensor input A
3CH1BChannel 1: sensor input B
4CH1MChannel 1: sensor negative supply
5CH2PChannel 2: sensor positive supply
6CH2AChannel 2: sensor input A
7CH2BChannel 2: sensor input B
8CH2MChannel 2: sensor negative supply

Module Drawing