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This article describes the CHESTER-X9 extension module.

Module Overview

CHESTER-X9 provides 4 low side switches witch current limit capable to control the load from an external voltage source.

Electrical Specification

  • Maximal voltage: 28 V
  • Continues load current: 2 A
  • Peak current limit: 5 A

Switch Load Connection Diagram

The load have to be connected between external voltage source and the low side switch output (channel 1-4) according to the diagram:

CHESTER Pin Configuration Diagram

Pin Configuration and Functions

PositionSignal NameSignal Description
1GNDSystem ground signal
2CH1Channel 1 switch output
3GNDSystem ground signal
4CH2Channel 1 switch output
5GNDSystem ground signal
6CH3Channel 1 switch output
7GNDSystem ground signal
8CH4Channel 1 switch output

Schematic diagram

A schematic diagram is useful if you program low-level hardware-related code or if you're just curious about how the system is designed.

Module Drawing