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How To: GPS Module

GPS Module can be used for getting position, time, date and altitude.


Thanks to the SDK, setting up and using the GPS Module is very simple. You have to do only two things:

  1. Initialize the GPS Module
  2. Program the event handler (what should happen when GPS Module gets updated)

This example will send the date, time, position, number of satellites the module sees and fix quality with the use of twr_log over the UART to the PC.

GPS function Code Example

#include <application.h>twr_led_t led;twr_led_t gps_led_r;twr_led_t gps_led_g;void gps_module_event_handler(twr_module_gps_event_t event, void *event_param){    if (event == TWR_MODULE_GPS_EVENT_START)    {        twr_log_info("APP: Event TWR_MODULE_GPS_EVENT_START");        twr_led_set_mode(&gps_led_g, TWR_LED_MODE_ON);    }    else if (event == TWR_MODULE_GPS_EVENT_STOP)    {        twr_log_info("APP: Event TWR_MODULE_GPS_EVENT_STOP");        twr_led_set_mode(&gps_led_g, TWR_LED_MODE_OFF);    }    else if (event == TWR_MODULE_GPS_EVENT_UPDATE)    {        twr_led_pulse(&gps_led_r, 50);        twr_module_gps_time_t time;        if (twr_module_gps_get_time(&time))        {            twr_log_info("APP: Date: %04d-%02d-%02d",                        time.year, time.month,;            twr_log_info("APP: Time: %02d:%02d:%02d",                        time.hours, time.minutes, time.seconds);        }        twr_module_gps_position_t position;        if (twr_module_gps_get_position(&position))        {            twr_log_info("APP: Lat: %03.5f", position.latitude);            twr_log_info("APP: Lon: %03.5f", position.longitude);        }        twr_module_gps_altitude_t altitude;        if (twr_module_gps_get_altitude(&altitude))        {            twr_log_info("APP: Altitude: %.1f %c", altitude.altitude, tolower(altitude.units));        }        twr_module_gps_quality_t quality;        if (twr_module_gps_get_quality(&quality))        {            twr_log_info("APP: Fix quality: %d", quality.fix_quality);            twr_log_info("APP: Satellites: %d", quality.satellites_tracked);        }        twr_module_gps_invalidate();    }    else if (event == TWR_MODULE_GPS_EVENT_ERROR)    {        twr_log_info("APP: Event TWR_MODULE_GPS_EVENT_ERROR");    }}void application_init(void){    twr_log_init(TWR_LOG_LEVEL_DUMP, TWR_LOG_TIMESTAMP_ABS);    twr_led_init(&led, TWR_GPIO_LED, false, false);    twr_led_set_mode(&led, TWR_LED_MODE_ON);    if (!twr_module_gps_init())    {        twr_log_error("APP: GPS Module initialization failed");    }    else    {        twr_module_gps_set_event_handler(gps_module_event_handler, NULL);        twr_module_gps_start();    }    twr_led_init_virtual(&gps_led_r, TWR_MODULE_GPS_LED_RED, twr_module_gps_get_led_driver(), 0);    twr_led_init_virtual(&gps_led_g, TWR_MODULE_GPS_LED_GREEN, twr_module_gps_get_led_driver(), 0);}