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Radio Network Management

In this chapter, we will go over the Devices Tab of Playground

Devices Tab

On this tab, you can connect to the Radio Dongle

Choose the Radio Dongle (there should be twr-usb-dongle or bc-usb-dongle on the line) from the dropdown list and click Connect.

If you just bought the Radio Dongle from our shop, you should receive it with the correct firmware and everything should work.


If the connect button returns an error, your Radio Dongle may have the wrong firmware. To fix this, go to Firmware Tab and flash twr-gateway-usb-dongle firmware to your Radio Dongle.

If you don't know how to work with Firmware Tab you can visit a Firmware Flashing chapter.

After you successfully connect to your Radio Dongle the Start pairing button should light up and if there are any paired devices, you should see them in the list.


You can change the device alias with the Rename button next to it but this will change all the MQTT messages so change it only if you know what you are doing.

Pairing New Devices

  • Disconnect power from the device (remove batteries or Battery Module, disconnect the USB cable, remove DC jack from Power Module)
  • Click on the Start pairing button (it should turn red)
  • Apply power to the device
  • Repeat with all the modules you want to pair

To learn about the next tab visit MQTT Messages Management.

Video Tutorial

If you prefer a video guide, you can watch this video for the older Playground version, but it works the same.