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MQTT Messages Management

In this chapter, we will go over the Messages Tab of Playground


Messages Tab is really useful only after you connect to your Radio Dongle, you can read about how to do it in the Radio Network Management chapter.

Messages Tab

In this tab, you can view all the messages from your paired devices or just any other MQTT message if you like.


If you don't know much about MQTT protocol and MQTT messages, you can visit an MQTT Protocol section.

By default, the messages that will show up will be just from HARDWARIO TOWER devices.


The main part of this tab is at the top where all the messages are shown.

You will receive messages from subscribed topics, you can change these topics at the bottom of the tab.

If you want to copy the topic of the message you can use the Clipboard button or just click the line with the topic that you want. This is useful for Node-RED Programming. The green square should appear at the top right corner.

On the right side, there is a Pin button, if there is some message that is important to you, you can pin it to the top.

You can also Clear all messages, which will just delete the whole history.


This is irreversible, so be careful.

Publish message

In this part of the tab, you can Publish MQTT messages

  • In the left input field, you just put the topic of the message, for example, node/test
  • In the right input field, you just put the message that you want to send under the selected topic, for example, test message

After you click the Publish button you should see the message appear in the top part (if you are subscribed to the topic you selected)

Subscribed topics

At the bottom of the tab, you can select what topics you want to subscribe to.


This determines what messages will be shown at the top part of the tab. By default, you don't have to touch this because every message from HARDWARIO TOWER devices will start with node/ or bridge/ to which you are already subscribed.

If you want to add any new topic, you can just type it into the field and press the Subscribe button. The new topic will appear on the list.

If you want to remove the topic from the subscribed list, just press the cross button next to the topic.


This list resets every time you launch Playground.


To learn about the next tab visit Node-RED Programming.