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Host Management


You will need Mosquitto MQTT Broker installed and running on your machine for this to work

How to install Mosquitto:

You can follow How to Install The Mosquitto MQTT Broker on Windows tutorial to install and run mosquitto on your Windows system

Also you will need our Gateway Service installed and running

This multi-platform Python tool is used to control the radio and nodes.


You need Python and pip installed and in system PATH on your device for you to be able to get the Host Management Tool


To install the Host Management Tool you just need to open your systems CLI and run the following command:


You can use the same command to upgrade Host Management Tool to the latest version

pip install --upgrade --no-cache-dir bch

To get all available commands just type bch --help to your CLI

bch --help output

Usage: bch [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

--gateway TEXT Gateway name [default: usb-dongle].
-H, --mqtt-host TEXT MQTT host to connect to [default:].
-P, --mqtt-port INTEGER RANGE MQTT port to connect to [default: 1883].
--mqtt-username TEXT MQTT username.
--mqtt-password TEXT MQTT password.
--mqtt-cafile PATH MQTT cafile.
--mqtt-certfile PATH MQTT certfile.
--mqtt-keyfile PATH MQTT keyfile.
-v, --verbosity LVL Either CRITICAL, ERROR, WARNING, INFO or

--version Show the version and exit.
-h, --help Show this message and exit.

gw Gateway
sub Subscribe topic.

Usage Example


You need to run mosquitto and bcg --device YOUR_RADIO_DONGLE in another terminal or in the background

Subscribe to all MQTT topics (#)

bch sub

If you have your own server, you can run following command with a server hostname or IP Address (example is hub.local)

bch -H hub.local sub

Subscribe to specific topics

bch sub node/kitchen/#

Publish MQTT message on MQTT broker running localhost

bch pub node/kitchen/thermometer/0:0/temperature 21.70

Start pairing mode

bch pairing --start
bch -H hub.local pairing --start

Stop pairing mode

bch pairing --stop
bch -H hub.local pairing --start

List paired nodes

bch node list