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Gateway Service

This multi-platform Python tool connects the radio gateway to the MQTT. The radio gateway is communicating over a virtual USB serial port with the use of JSON files.


You need Python and pip installed and in system PATH on your device for you to be able to get the Gateway Service


To install the Gateway Service you just need to open your systems CLI and run the following command:


You can use the same command to upgrade Gateway Service to the latest version

pip install --upgrade --no-cache-dir bcg

To get all available commands just type bcg --help to your CLI

bcg --help output

Usage: bcg [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

HARDWARIO gateway between USB serial port and MQTT broker

-c, --config FILENAME configuration file (YAML format).
-d, --device TEXT device
-H, --mqtt-host TEXT MQTT host to connect to (default is
-P, --mqtt-port TEXT MQTT port to connect to (default is 1883)
--no-wait no wait on connect or reconnect serial port
--mqtt-username TEXT MQTT username
--mqtt-password TEXT MQTT password
--mqtt-cafile TEXT MQTT cafile
--mqtt-certfile TEXT MQTT certfile
--mqtt-keyfile TEXT MQTT keyfile
-v, --verbosity LVL Either CRITICAL, ERROR, WARNING, INFO or DEBUG
-D, --debug Print debug messages, same as --verbosity DEBUG.
--version Show the version and exit.
--help Show this message and exit.

devices Print available devices.
help Show help.

Usage Example