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Hardware Description

In this article, you will find details about EMBER Hotspot hardware configuration.

EMBER Hotspot

The device is based on the RBM33G platform from MikroTik. It comes with a LoRaWAN card and an optional LTE modem. EMBER Hotspot enclosure and connectors are water-proof and dust-proof with IP67 protection.

An external antenna has to be used for LoRaWAN.

Two internal or external antennas are used for the LTE modem (with support for 2G/3G/4G).

There are two RJ45 metallic 100/10 Mbit/s Ethernet ports:

  • LAN for local configuration, management, and troubleshooting

  • WAN for backup Internet connectivity to the cloud

The EMBER Hotspot is powered either by:

  • 24 V DC power adapter

  • 24 V DC power supply

  • 24 V DC passive PoE (Power over Ethernet) through the WAN Ethernet port


For outdoor installations, EMBER Hotspot has to be mounted with connectors facing down.


You can find detailed information in the CHESTER documentation.