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This article provides information on SEGGER J-Link debugger tool.


You will need the following hardware and software tools:

  • One of these operating systems:

    • Ubuntu 20.04 / 22.04
    • macOS 11 / 12 (with Homebrew installed)
    • Windows 10 / Windows 11
  • Python 3 distribution installed on your system:

    Download the latest stable installer from this link.


    Please tick Add Python x.x to PATH in installer so the Python executable is available from any location.

  • HARDWARIO CHESTER device (you will need to open the enclosure top cover with six screws)

  • USB debugger/programmer SEGGER J-Link (including a 10-pin SWD adapter + flat cable)


    HARDWARIO provides SEGGER J-Link + all the required accessories on demand.

  • Micro-USB cable with appropriate plug type to your computer


    Some Micro-USB cables provide only power and no data signals. If the connection between J-Link, and your system does not work, check the cable type in the first place.

  • Python application bundle HARDWARIO Command Line Tools


You can install HARDWARIO Command Line Tools with these steps:

  1. On Windows only - Install SEGGER J-Link drivers:


    If you encounter An error was reported by NRFJPROG DLL: -101 JLINKARM_DLL_COULD_NOT_BE_OPENED please visit this page.

  2. Open the Terminal (Ubuntu or macOS) or Command Prompt (Windows) application.

  3. Initialize the Python virtual environment:

    python3 -m venv hardwario-venv
  4. Activate the Python virtual environment:

    source hardwario-venv/bin/activate

    When you close the Terminal or Command Prompt, you must reactivate the Python virtual environment. Simply call the command from the above procedure: source hardwario-venv/bin/activate.

  5. Install HARDWARIO Command Line Tools:

    pip install hardwario
  6. You can verify the installation with the following command:

    hardwario --version

    It should provide output similar to this:

    hardwario.chester v1.23.0 v1.4.2
    hardwario.common v1.7.2
    hardwario.hardwario v1.3.1