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Power Profiler Kit II

This article provides information on Power Profiler Kit II (further referred to as PPK2) from Nordic Semiconductor.


You can purchase Power Profiler Kit II directly from HARDWARIO.


In order to use Power Profiler Kit II, you must install or run nRF Connect for Desktop.

You can download installation package for your operating system here.

Run installator and install application.

Because nRF Connect for Desktop is multitool application, you have to install support for PPK2.

You should see Power Profiler at the top of the apps, when is installation complete. You will start application by clicking at Open button.

After clicking at Open button, you should see window similir to this one:

Basic Usage

You will need the following hardware to connect CHESTER device to PPK2:

  • CHESTER device
  • Power Profiler Kit II
  • micro USB cable
  • power cable from PPK2 to CHESTER device (comes with PPK2 if you buy it from HARDWARIO)

Please connect power cable from PPK2 to CHESTER device.


Please make sure that power cable is in PPK2 connected same way as on the picture!

Now, you have to connect to your PPK2. Plug micro USB end of the cable to the USB DATA/POWER port at PPK2 and other end to your computer. PPK2 should be now pulsing with green light.

Then you have to select your PPK2 in nRF Connect for Desktop.

Click to SELECT DEVICE and choose your PPK2 device.

PPK2 should be now either red (Source meter mode) or blue (Ampere meter mode).

To start capturing some data, you have to:

  1. Select mode in which you want to operate.

  2. Set supply voltage to 3600mV

  3. Enable power to the output

  4. Start capturing your data

  5. To look at data in certain time, you can either zoom in with your mouse/trackpad or you can click at Live view switch to see data at current time.

When you click Start to capture data, your PPK2 will start pulsing in color of your mode and you will see measurements in your app.

Video Tutorial

Here is short video tutorial on how to use Power Profiler Kit II from Nordic Semiconductor.