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HADRWARIO Manager mobile app allows you via Bluetooth Low Energy to:

  • Show device information
  • Configure the device over the terminal
  • Update device firmware

App Installation

Download the Android HARDWARIO Manager app.

Scan List

When you open HARDWARIO Manager, you will see the SCAN LIST page. Here you will see nearby devices, which use Bluetooth-enabled applications.

Choose a device from the list to connect, or use a QR code button in the top right corner. This QR code feature can be used only if you already know the BLE passkey or your device is already paired with the phone. Otherwise, follow instructions from the next Device Pairing chapter.

Device Pairing

To manage your CHESTER device, you have to connect to it via Bluetooth. Every device has a unique pairing passkey, which you can obtain if you scan the QR on the back side of your device. Use your favorite QR scan app or camera app to read QR code on the back of the CHESTER device. This QR code will open a webpage that contains the BLE passkey, which you need to pair with your phone.


You can't use the built-in QR code reader in HARDWARIO Manager app to get the BLE passkey. Use your favorite QR scan app or camera app to read QR code to get the BLE passkey to pair your device.

App Menu

When you connect to CHESTER, you can use a menu to browse the following categories

Show Information

This page shows basic information about hardware version, variant, firmware version and device uptime.


If the firmware application is supported by HARDWARIO MANAGER, the OPEN APPLICATION button appears at the bottom of the information page.

Command Terminal

The purpose of the Command Terminal is to easily make changes in the settings of your app or find out what setting is applied.

  • You have to type a command (for example here it is info command) and send it by black arrow (1)
  • The console will return this command to confirm what was sent (2)
  • The console will return wanted information or it will set a certain value (3).
  • You can select an already used command in Command history (4).


Anytime when you feel lost, just type the help command.

Firmware Update

You can update your CHESTER device via this page. You can find pre-built binaries for catalog applications, or you will receive a link to your custom build firmware via e-mail.

Click on SCAN QR CODE to get the link to firmware (1). When you do so and scan a valid QR code, you get information about firmware (2). If this information is OK, you can start flashing by pressing UPDATE FIRMWARE (3). You can click at START OVER, if you want to update to different firmware (4).

Device Reboot

This screen will let you remotely restart your device.