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J-Link Installation

The following chapter will guide you through the SEGGER J-Link installation.

Installation Steps

  1. Download nRF Command Line Tools from this link:


    Select the corresponding platform in the combo box selector on the left side.

  2. Install the downloaded tools

    The installation contains the command line tools from Nordic Semiconductor, but also includes the SEGGER J-Link Software and Documentation Pack. It is recommended to install these two packages together via installer from Nordic Semiconductor, as it prevents the potential compatibility and version conflicts.

Hardware Connection

  1. Plug the SEGGER Cortex-M adapter to SEGGER J-Link.

  2. Connect the 10-pin SWD flat cable to the SEGGER Cortex-M adapter and the other side to CHESTER.


    There are three SWD connectors on the CHESTER mainboard. Typically, you will be dealing with the BLE port (connects to application microcontroller).

  3. Connect the Micro-USB cable to SEGGER J-Link and to your computer.