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CHESTER-Z1 over J-Link

This article will describe how to flash firmware in CHESTER-Z1 using SEGGER J-Link.


You will need the following hardware and software tools:

  • One of these operating systems:

    • Ubuntu 20.04 and Ubuntu 22.04
    • macOS 11 and macOS 12
    • Windows 10 and Windows 11
  • Target device CHESTER-Z1 (mounted in the top cover)

  • USB debugger/programmer SEGGER J-Link (including a 10-pin SWD adapter + flat cable)


    HARDWARIO provides SEGGER J-Link + all the required accessories on demand.

  • Micro-USB cable with appropriate plug type to your computer


    Some Micro-USB cables provide only power and no data signals. If the connection between SEGGER J-Link, and your system does not work, check the cable type in the first place.


You can install SEGGER J-Link Software and Documentation Pack with these steps:

  1. Download the 64-bit DEB package from this link.

  2. Open the Terminal application.

  3. Go to the folder with the downloaded package, for example:

    cd Downloads
  4. Install the package using this command:

    sudo dpkg -i JLink_Linux_<VERSION>_x86_64.deb

    Don't forget to replace the <VERSION> placeholder with the real version in the file name.


Follow these steps to flash the CHESTER-Z1 firmware:

  1. Open the CHESTER enclosure (6 screws from the bottom side).


    You don't need to unmount the CHESTER-Z1 board from the top cover. The SWD connector for SEGGER J-Link is available from the bottom side of the board.

  2. In the top cover, on the CHESTER-Z1 board, find the 9-pin SWD connector.

  3. Connect SEGGER J-Link and the 9-pin SWD connector using the flat cable.


    One of the wires on the flat cable between J-Link and CHESTER has red color. This red color denotes a signal number 1. This red-colored signal has to be oriented toward the white dot located next to the SWD connector on CHESTER-Z1 board. The same rule with the cable applies at the side of SEGGER J-Link.

  4. Connect the Micro-USB cable to your computer and SEGGER J-Link.

  5. Download the CHESTER-Z1 firmware package v1.4.0.

  6. Unzip the downloaded package.

  7. Open the Terminal application and switch to the directory with the unzipped package.

  8. Start the flash procedure:

  9. You should get a message about the successful operation.

  10. Disconnect SEGGER J-Link from the SWD connector.