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Application over Bluetooth

In this article, you will learn how to use your smartphone to flash application firmware in CHESTER via Bluetooth.


This method requires a functional Bluetooth-enabled application already running on the CHESTER device. If you cannot see CHESTER in the list of Bluetooth devices, you have to use the J-Link method.


  • Smartphone application nRF Device Manager (from Nordic Semiconductor):

  • Application firmware BIN file available on your smartphone.


    On iOS devices, you can share the BIN file to the application nRF Device Manager using the "Share" functionality. You can transfer the file into the device via AirDrop, or email attachment.

Flashing Procedure

Follow these steps to flash the application firmware in CHESTER using Bluetooth:

  1. On your smartphone, start the application nRF Device Manager.

  2. You will see the list of scanned devices (pull it down to refresh the list).

  3. Search for a device labeled as CHESTER <serial number>.

  4. Tap on the CONNECT button.

  5. Go to the firmware download tab (in the bottom toolbar).

  6. Tap on SELECT FILE.

  7. Start the procedure, it will show the pop-up dialog with three options, keep the default one TEST AND CONFIRM, and tap on OK.

  8. The firmware flashing will start, and you should see the download speed progress in the graph.

  9. When flashing is finished, you will be notified with a message Flashing Success.