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Cellular Networks

In this article, you will find details on various supported cellular networks and the particular settings in various environments. The CHESTER platform supports LTE-M and NB-IoT cellular technologies.


The connectivity is enabled through the nRF9160 System-in-Package from Nordic Semiconductor.

In HARDWARIO, we do not restrict customers to use any SIM card provider of their preference (as long as the selected carrier offers one of the supported cellular technologies). On the other hand, for the SIM cards provided by HARDWARIO, we can provide an extended level of technical support.

As of now, we can deliver SIM cards for these three carriers:

  • LTE-M connectivity: Onomondo
  • NB-IoT connectivity: Vodafone
  • NB-IoT connectivity: T-Mobile

For plastic SIM cards, we only support Nano-SIM form factor (4FF). Alternatively, HARDWARIO can provide a SIM chip variant (MFF2) for bulk orders.

Network Settings

This article provides settings reference for the tested networks:


The table below applies to the SIM cards provided by HARDWARIO. We cannot guarantee data validity if the SIM cards are sourced from anywhere else.

CountryTechnologyCarrierPLMN IDAPNRemark
Open listLTE-MOnomondo-onomondo
Open listNB-IoTOnomondo-onomondo
United StatesNB-IoTVodafone310410hardwario.comRoaming via AT&T

Applying Settings

You can apply the settings using these commands:

lte config lte-m-mode false
lte config nb-iot-mode true
lte config autoconn false
lte config plmnid 50503
lte config apn

If you need to search for the network automatically, enable the autoconn parameter:

lte config autoconn true

Having this option enabled is the recommended setting for the LTE-M networks (e.g. Onomondo).

You must save the settings using this command:

config save

You can verify the settings using this command:

config show

Run this command to query the LTE registration state:

lte state

Onomondo Configuration

This is the reference LTE settings when using CHESTER with the Onomondo SIM card:

lte config lte-m-mode true
lte config nb-iot-mode false
lte config autoconn true
lte config apn onomondo
lte config addr