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How to: Kconfig

This chapter will demonstrate how to use Kconfig in your project.


Kconfig is a system inherited from the Linux kernel to the Zephyr project. It allows the definition of build-time options (also called symbols), their types, constraints, and relationships.

Custom Options

You can define your custom Kconfig option in your application by creating the Kconfig file in the application root directory.

In the Kconfig file, you can create a boolean yes/no option using this template:

menu "Application"

config APP_FOO
bool "Enable bar"
default y


menu "Zephyr Kernel"
source "Kconfig.zephyr"

This will create a menu tree called Application. The tree will have one option APP_FOO, which is enabled by default, and can be disabled in your prj.conf file:


When pre-processing all Kconfig options, this will result in one of these macros:

/* When CONFIG_APP_FOO=y */
#define CONFIG_APP_FOO 1

/* When CONFIG_APP_FOO=n */
#define CONFIG_APP_FOO 0

You can debug the generated Kconfig options by looking into the file build/zephyr/include/autoconf.h. This file is automatically injected into all source/header files.


If you need more details on Kconfig, see the Zephyr Kconfig documentation: